Print on 8 1/2x11 paper. 1. Cut out INSIDE the orange lines. 2. With printed side facing you, fold backward
along line a-e to crease, then open. 3. Fold backward along line b-d to crease, then open. 4. Fold forward along
line c to crease then open. 5. Create a "tent" by folding the two "c" lines together at the back and lines "a-e" and
"b-d" up. Flatten Tent so "d" and "a" come together and "e" and "b" come together.  6. Fold downward at line f
leaving the left wing visible. 7. Fold downward along line g leaving the right wing visible. 8. Cut out Angel's head
and glue to brown "V" section. 9. To hang, cut or punch a hole between the top of angel's head and the halo.
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