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Suzy Smith
There are a couple of words I use with regularity, one of which is stupid, as in “Suzy, how could you be so stupid?” I noticed this yesterday while I was pureeing freshly cut corn from the cob for a delectable soup. Pushing the liquefy button without the lid on the blender, I was rewarded with a shower of soup. As I moped up the mess, I kept repeating “Suzy, how could you be so stupid?”

“STUPID”also gets tossed around with the ball on the tennis court. I’m not alone in its usage.

 What does it mean exactly? The definition that comes immediately to my mind is, behaving like a clod. My Oxford dictionary gets more specific… not clever; slow at learning and understanding; in a state of stupor. I only admit to the latter. I’m often doing one thing and thinking another with results that appear, well, yes, stupid.

Though perhaps appropriate at times, this is not a nice word. I plan to delete it from my vocabulary, if not my actions. In the 1700s Alexander Pope* wrote, “To err is human….".I am taking his words to heart. “Oh Suzy, how could you be so human?”

 *Alexander Pope 1688-1744. Full quote: TO ERR IS HUMAN, TO FORGIVE DIVINE.


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Suzy Smith
The moon is out, the evening is warm. Candles flicker on a table set with silver, adorned with flowers. Romance is being served along with dinner and nowhere is it more evident than at the table next to ours where a young couple gaze lovingly into each others eyes.

An old song comes to mind, a song that would never make it in todays's world where we sing of broken hearts and sex. I still remember the lyrics

"Are the stars out tonight? I don‚t know if it's cloudy or bright For I only have eyes for you....."

 A lifetime lies ahead for those young lovers. Will they deliver on all this look of love seems to promise? I catch the eye of the man at my table, the one that's been in my life for almost 50 years. I reach for his hand. It can happen.

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Suzy Smith
A wedding invitation arrived in the mail yesterday, sheathed in thick, handsome red paper, sealed with a dab of wax. We were to RSVP to the couple's website. The joy of being newly in love leaped off the screen with each click. There were pictures of family, friends, and precious moments the about- to- be- weds have shared. In a section called US, he writes about what he loves about her and she writes about why she loves him. Oh to be young and in love, I thought with poignant longing. The thought passed quickly. No way, I'm too tired!
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Suzy Smith
I finish the morning reading of my newspaper and try not to obsess about man's inhumanity to man. I am a gentle soul, a nurturer at heart, tending my plants, trying to live in harmony with the world.

And yet, as the fruit ripens on my trees, I am openly hostile to the wild creatures who would take all those mouth watering morsels for themselves. It's a gentle skirmish really, our vying for this prize. I net the trees, they hone their cunning. Occasionally they win. Faced with a barren tree, and another year of waiting for this natural phenomena to happen again, I seriously think about getting a gun and using it.

Though the resident rabbit is admittedly adorable, especially at Easter, he eats everything leafy. I thwart him with temporary fencing around those things newly planted, his favorite gustatory experience. When he hops into view, I yell at him while chasing him into hiding. I put out the word to the coyotes and bobcats, TASTY RABBIT HERE. I wait and hope for his demise.

The caterpillars eating the buds of my geraniums haven't a chance. How could they destroy those nascent blossoms, it's unthinkable! Without a qualm, I spray them with environmentally acceptable death. Occasionally I hunt them with a magnifying glass, and when finding them, wrap them in a leaf and squish them between my fingers. Please don't tell my grandchildren. I am, they think, a gentle soul who would never hurt anything. I think so too, but obviously it's not true.


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