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Suzy Smith
He makes me laugh, so important.

I tell him hes wonderful.

He smiles, says nonsense, hes just another ear to feed.

Were going to a wedding for which I have new clothes as well as bags under my eyes, stringy hair and a runny nose. What a waste I say, Im going to look terrible. He looks me over carefully, announces, Its not your wedding.

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Suzy Smith
My generation is moving. That beloved house where we raised our children, planted gardens, endured remodels, that special place we've called HOME for much of our lifetimes no longer fits. We call it downsizing, a word with underpinnings of mortality.

 Those on the move appear to do so without a backward glance. Restructuring their lives in a new place is rejuvenating, abandoning the responsibilities of the big house a relief. I look around, take stock and conclude, I can't move.

I need to awaken to that special light that fills my bedroom aerie every morning announcing carpe diem. The brilliant winter sunrises that splash across my big view of sky remind me life is beautiful. On the hill across the way, a venerable oak speaks to me of standing strong when life's winds blow.  

And When the day ends and the last light touches the tassels of swaying grasses with gold, I'm so thankful to have lived another day in this place. It feeds my soul. Without it, I might starve. 


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Suzy Smith
Wonderful is another one of those words I need to re-examine. As I reread a thank you note I had just written for an absolutely wonderful party I attended last week, I realized, yes, it's a wonderful word, but by its fourth utterance in a short paragraph, you can appear empty headed, and overbearingly thankful.

I consulted the thesaurus to find some wonderful substitutes - miraculous, marvelous, stupendous, incredible and extraordinary. I began again. "Your party last week was miraculous." I paused to consider the sentence. Could it be saying, "it was a miracle, my gracious, but bumbling host, that you pulled off such a wonderful event?"

I began again. "Your party was stupendous." A bit over the top to be believed.

"Your party was just too marvelous." Tones of social insincerity.

"Your party was extraordinary." Did I mean, "who else but YOU would dare to put on something like THAT!"

I expected to find "awesome" and "cool" in the list of possibilities. They didn't make the cut. Not for me anyway, another generations words. Recipients of my thank yous would suspect my grandson wrote the note.

So, it's back to wonderful, a word without nuanced underpinnings, a word, used with discretion, that simply says it all.

Wonderful isn't it?

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