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  DESCRIPTION     Create your own interesting papers  
  DETAILS     Get paper, paints, brushes, sponges, screening, toothbrush, saran wrap and do your thing. Following are some suggestions to stimulate your imagination. The  possibilities are endless as well as the applications. Any project using paper is a candidate for creative papers.
WAX RESIST.  Rub the side of a crayon or oil pastel over a piece of lightly
textured paper. Press hard as you rub. Mix water and paint and brush it over
the paper. The wax resists the paint creating a textured effect. You might
want to rub off some of the paint with a soft cloth to expose more texture.
BRUSH MARKS. Fill a thick house paint brush with paint. Brush it in stripes
across white paper. In another color brush across the original strokes. Add
a third color if you wish.
SWIRLS. Fill a rounded paintbrush with paint, swirling it round and round on
the paper. When youıve finished one, make another beside it. Repeat again
and again. Add another color if you wish. Great for butterfly wings!
SPONGE PAINTING. Dip a piece of sponge into some paint, then dab it on a
piece of paper. Dip before each dab. Then dab a darker shade on top of this
one, leaving some of the original color showing. If you wish, you can add a
third color.
SPATTER PAINTING. Oh this is a messy business, even for an adult. After my
initial attempts, I discovered I had splatters on my long sleeves so on went
an old shirt of my husbandıs over my apron. Fill a stiff brush with paint,
then rub your finger over the bristles making splatters on the paper below.
This works, but something stiff over the bristles works better. I used a
paint stick. Alternatively, rub a toothbrush over screening.
PLASTIC WRAP. Wad some plastic wrap, dip it in paint and dab your paper.
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  NAME     Suzy Smith  
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