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Car Scramble 1   Match the car logo to the car image - American Sedans   9    
Car Scramble 2   Match the car logo to the car image - Foreign Sedans   9  
United States Scramble   Think you know all the States? Try this for a reality check.   10  
Europe Scramble   How well do you know the countries of Europe. You'll be surprised!   10  
Stinky Pinky Scramble   Guess the Stinky Pinky   10  
Tongue Twister Scramble 1   Which witch?   10  
Tongue Twister Scramble 2   Slit sheet.   10  
Aircraft Spotter Challenge   See if you can remember the names of these World War II planes.   10  
Limericks - a word game   Your challenge - complete the limerick   10  
President Scramble 1   Arrange the Presidents - Just the very famous   10  
President Scramble 2   Arrange the Presidents - Just the recent - after 1945   10  
President Scramble 3   Arrange the Presidents - The not so famous - 1825-1933 - tough!   9  


Treasure Hunt With Clues   Make up clues, final clue leads to prize   10   Metal Jacks
Rhyming Hunt   Make up rhymes and find the hidden items   9  
Jacks   Bounce ball, catch and pick up jacks in one motion   9  
Puzzle Races   Whoever finishes their puzzle first wins   8  
Big Yellow Ball   A ball almost as big as a child!   8  
Snowball Fight   Throwing Styrofoam balls at one another.   10  
Spiderweb   Find the prize at the end of the string      


Scrabble   Spelling knowledge is what this game's all about.      
Monopoly   The object of the game is to become the wealthiest player.      
Checkers   Play checkers against Fenyang - the monkey!      
Kick the Can   This is an exciting combination of hide and seek and tag.      
Hide and Seek   First you pick someone to be it...      
Horseshoes   It's easy - place 2 stakes in the ground and toss the horseshoes      
Sardines   Find the "Sardine" and hide with them. Last finder looses!      
Croquet   Grab the mallets, balls and wickets and let the good times roll.      
Badminton   Four - or more - can play at once, so it's a great family game.      
Hula Hoops   Here's a fun game that can be a challenge - requires a hoop.      
Hopscotch   A wonderful hopping game - only chalk and young legs required.      
Tiddley Winks   “Winks” requires good aim and a steady hand.      
Chutes & Ladders   The Exciting board Game for Little People!      
Candy Land   A neat way for a preschooler to experience the joy of game play.      
Go Fly a Kite   Put this high on your list of things to do with your grandchildren.      
Bingo   Everyone who has a Bingo Board can play - no skill required!      
Skip Rocks   You'll need water - a lake, pond, river or stream will do.      
(French) Tic-Tac-Toe   See if you are as good at this classic game in French   7  
Strings - including "Cat's Cradle"   A chance to show off your finger dexterity.      
Fox, Goose and Corn   How to get them across a stream without disaster   10   Click for
Hangman by the Numbers   Just follow the numbers and try to win (Print)   8  
Limericks - a word game   Your challenge - complete the limerick   10  
Easter Word Scramble   Find Easter words in 368 scrambled letters.   8  
Hangman   Guess the word before the man is hung.   7  
Twist   Rearrange letters to make as many words as you can in 2 min   9  
Create A Story          
Boggler   Find the words in a matrix.   7  
Anagram   Make a word that ranks highest   8  
Word Confusion   Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.   8  
Jumble   Unscramble scrambled words   7  
Mother's Day Word Search   Find the Mother's Day words in the jumbled letters   8  
St. Patrick's Word Search   Find the St. Pat's Day words in the jumbled letters   8  
Guess the President's Name   Hangman type challenge with hidden name   9  
Sliced Circle   Guess the maximum number of sections when a "Pie" is sliced.   8      
Sudoku   Number placing game.   7  
Number 37   The surprising magic of #37   8  
Fun With 1-9   Interesting results using the number 1 through 9   8  
Guess The Country   You're given clues until you guess the country or lose!   8  
Calculators   Free calculation tools and games.   10   
Set   Find sets of cards that match by shape or color.   8  
Math Chase   Fun online learning tool   10  
Quick History Review   Quick history review focused on people.   9  
Test Your Senses   20 timed questions that test your visual perception and more   10  
Google Earth   See the world in dramatic detail. Sign up is free.   9  
      TRAVEL - Have fun with these games anywhere - but they are particularly enjoyable when traveling        
Quick Travel Games   A list of quick travel games and how to play them (Print).   8  
Knock Knock Jokes to Print   Printable knock knock jokes for trips   8  
Tongue Twisters to Print   Printable tongue twisters for trips   9  
Story Starters   Start a story, and each person in turn continues the story.   8  
Hangman by the Numbers   Print 4 complete Hangman games per page.   8  
Tongue Twisters   A series of words to be repeated very fast without error.   7  
Travel Bingo   Find things from car - or train - window (Print).      
The Flash Mind Reader   Amazing psychic mind reading - includes "Gopher" version   10  
Harry Potter Challenge 1   Fill in the blanks to see if you're a Harry Potter "expert".      
Harry Potter Trivia Quiz 1   A beginning level quiz on all things Harry Potter.      
Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire   Refresher course - before seeing the new movie!      


Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles   This is an archive of jigsaw puzzles created by our registrants   10    
Halloween "Pumpkin & Bat"   A Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle featuring a Pumpkin and Bat   10  
Happy Mother's Day Mom   A Jigsaw puzzle featuring a bowl of roses   10  
United States Map Puzzle   Jigsaw puzzle of the United States with time keeping   10  
Batmobile   Put the Batmobile together again with this jigsaw   10  
Spiderman   The Spiderman climbing jigsaw puzzle challenge   10  
Lockheed Lightning Airplane   The Lockheed Lightning in flight jigsaw puzzle   10  
Rabbits   Interlocking rabbits provide a special jigsaw puzzle challenge   10  
Van Gogh Puzzle   Challenging 48 piece jigsaw puzzle with time keeping.   10  
Hidden Word Puzzle   Find the hidden words in a puzzle created by you!   9  

      JUST FUN!

Youda Games   Fun, non-violent games for the younger set   9    
Fun Videos   Videos that are worth watching   9  
Bubblewrap Pop   Click on bubble wrap-hear the POP and race the clock...addictive   7  
How Old Are You?   Guess how many days, hours, minutes you have been alive   8  
Reflex Tester   How fast can you trigger your mouse?   8  
Red Square   Move the red square so it won't get hit by the blue squares.   8  
Jackson Pollock Mimic   Have fun doing your best to "mimic" the artist Jackson Pollock.   10  
Book Companion   You'll love "Young Adult" books on Book Companion.   10  
Kako Messenger   The modern "singing telegram" starts here!   10  
Create A Speech   Create your own Bush speech   10  
We Feel Fine   An exploration of human emotion   10  
Addicting Games   Hundreds of neat online games   10  
Penguin Baseball   Keep score by playing baseball with a Penguin   10  
Pingxit Best Web Sites   Discover the best web sites - instantly! All sites previewed & safe   10  
Tibetan Personality Test   Find out who you really are   9  
Personality Analysis   Draw things and be analyzed - for free!   9  
"I Like You"   How many different ways can I say it...   9  
The Human Clock   Check the time with a fun new image every minute.   8  
Match up "Lifesavers"   Each 1/2 Lifesaver rotates. Click to match and win.   8  
Follow the Balls   This will drive you nutty. Rube Goldberg lives! Blue Ball Fixed.   10  
Knock Knock Jokes   130 variations of Knock Knock - Who's there?   6  
Fun With Music   The San Francisco Symphony Kids Site is great fun for the family   10  
Paint the Fire Dog   Fred the fire dog needs to be painted.   9  
Shooting Hoops   3 balls and 1 moving hoop make for a challenge   8  
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