Limerick Word Game      

Word Games - see if you can complete the limerick.

      Limerick definition and example        

Ireland - Courtesy of Jiri Benovsky
  1   I have a grandson who's ten Ry Smith      
  2   There was a farmer from Leeds Simhika Rao      
  3   A flea and a fly in a flue Ogden Nash      
  4   Wish I Were a Fly on the Wall Robert D. Cowan      
  5   There once was a guy named Matt - Includes Hints! Pat Bents (modified)      
  6   T'is a favorite project of mine Unknown      
  7   The surgeon had finished up sewing Ted Ebert      
  8   By beauty I am not a star Dave Barrett      
  9   There once was a boy named John Alicia Tapia      
  10   There was an old pig with a pen Arnold Lobel      
  11   There was a young lady whose nose Little Book of Limericks      
  12   There was a brave hunter named Paul John Ciardi      
  13   At the zoo I remarked to an emu John E. Brewton      

Click to submit a limerick. If selected, your limerick will be converted
to the Kabubble Challenge format and placed on our permanent list.


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