Buy great gifts for your kids and grandkids      

Gifts for Kids & Grandkids  

  TITLE   DESCRIPTION                 RATE    
Holiday Gift Ideas   Great Holiday gift ideas from Suzy and Kabubblers   10  
Halloween Costumes   Wide selection of fun costumes for Halloween and other holidays   9  


Gifts - Money   It's OK to give money - but these strings teach responsibility   10  
Personalized Jigsaw (Example)   Kabubble will create an online jigsaw puzzle based on your image. Registration required.   10  
Build-A-Bear   Make your very own stuffed animal   10  
Painted Pottery   Preserve your treasured painting on pottery or your choice   8  
Father's Day Scramble   Create a gift for your father for Father's Day   10  
Homemade Frame   A homemade frame for art work or photographs   10  


    Stamps and Tiger   Try to set purchase limits when shopping with kids   10  
    Top "Toys for Tots" 2005   MSNBC gives their opinion      
Magazines   Magazines are a good gift      
Children's Books Reviewed   Current book reviews from Linden Tree, Los Altos, CA   9  
Scholastic "Book Central"   Ratings and reviews      
Books for Kids & Grandkids   Great reads from AARP      
Beethoven's Wig   CD with hilarious lyrics   10  
Peter and the Wolf   CD of classic musical story by Sergey Prokofiev   9  
Baby Mozart   CD Build your baby's brain - through the power of music      
    Child's Sewing Machine   Purchase of child's sewing machine   3  
Discovery Toys   Toys for your age range of interest. Try the "Best Sellers"   9  
    FlyPenTop   Pricey but amazing pen that computes and translates      
    Toy Swap   Swap the TOYS you have for the TOYS you want.      
Customized Gifts   Create your own gift with your photo or other graphic      


Painted Pottery   Preserve your treasured painting on pottery of your choice   10  
Art Plates   You create the artwork, "Makit" embeds the art on a plate or bowl      
Party Banner   Hanging party banners that can be personalized.   10  
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