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  DESCRIPTION     CD with hilarious lyrics  
  DETAILS     As a lifetime piano player and music lover, I want my grandchildren to have some knowledge of the classics. This Christmas I will be giving them the CD BEETHOVEN'S WIG, SING ALONG SYMPHONIES which is a delightful introduction to classical music for kids. HILARIOUS  lyrics have been added to some well known classical pieces, all great fun, with lots of laughs. If you're worrying that this is a butchering of the classics. it is so well done, you can only admire the cleverness. Example: Those booming, eight, single opening notes of Beethoven's Fifth symphony have the following lyrics: BEETHOVEN'S WIG, IS VERY BIG. Once the shenanigans are over,
the pieces are played as you would hear them in concert.  There is a second set as well. All are available at where you can also see a listing of all the pieces involved.
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