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  DESCRIPTION     Whoever finish their puzzle first wins  
  DETAILS     Our grandson is a whiz at puzzles. Granddad and I compete with him, the two of us piecing together our puzzle while our grandson works on a puzzle of his own. These are about 75-95 piece puzzles and don't take too long to complete. That puzzle whiz always wins. We're not making that happen other than just being honestly slower. Recently we discovered which has a series of puzzles to choose from and records your time to completion. We're looking forward to our next race which is going to be on our computers.  
  AGE RANGE     5-15  
  GENDER     All  
  MATERIALS NEEDED     Computer and puzzle program or real puzzles  
  SKILLS NEEDED     None  
  TIME TO PREPARE (minutes)     1  
  TIME TO PLAY (minutes)     60-240 depending upon puzzle difficulty  
  MY RATING (1-10)     8                                                                      Rating Formula   
  NAME     Suzy Smith  
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