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  DESCRIPTION     Hearts in card hold love notes  
  DETAILS     Valentines Day isnít just about ASKING, itís also about Telling those you love how much you love them. This project is perfect for that.  Cut a 20Ē long by 5Ē wide strip of red paper. Mark 4 inches for the first fold and accordion fold the rest into equal segments. Cut out five different hearts to glue into the five sections. Leave the upper part of the hearts open and tuck in love messages written on slips of paper. Decorate the front with a heart and the message -- I LOVE YOU BECAUSE...the notes will tell why. Here is a perfect place to use creative papers you have designed. Alternatively, use wrapping paper, pictures from magazines or decorate your hearts with crayons, markers, paint and even glitter. Use your imagination.

Click for envelope.

  AGE RANGE     Pre-school to 15 and up  
  GENDER     All  
  SEASONAL     Yes  
  MATERIALS NEEDED     Colored paper, scissors, glue, pen. ruler. Optional: wrapping paper, magazines, glitter, crayons, markers.  
  SKILLS NEEDED     Ability with scissors and some manual dexterity for folding and gluing.  
  TIME TO PREPARE (Minutes)     15  
  TIME TO MAKE (minutes)     30  
  PHOTOS & SKETCHES     Front view showing folds

Inside view
  MY RATING (1-10)     10  
  ALL RATINGS (1-10)                                                                                                Rating Formula   
  NAME     Suzy Smith  
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