Halloween Pictures - How to Draw  

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Here are some ideas to help you draw some easy HALLOWEEN pictures:

SPIDER WEB: Draw a big X. Place a cross in the middle. Draw curved lines between the straight ones. Voila! A spider web.

GHOST: Begin with a bumpy, horizontal line with squiggly lines for arms. Bring the squiggly  line for the arms into a tail, add two eyes and a mouth. Presto, a ghost!

BAT: Start by drawing two ovals for the body. Add wings and some pointed ears. Add details to the the wings and face. Add feet. Fly away bat!

WITCH: Draw an egg shape for the witch's head. Draw the outline for her hat. Add hair and a big, ugly nose. Color in her hat and face and give her a mean face. If you're using markers and the facial details are lighter than the background color,  put in the details of her face face first,  then color around them.