Frequently Asked Questions 

  What is the procedure for attaching a photo to an email?       Many Kabubble activities have a form included where you can "Browse" your computer to find the photo you want to send to us for posting. It is sometimes helpful to place the photo on the desktop so it is easy to find.

Some Kabubble activities use an email attachment process. Every email program has an "Attach" or "Attachments" button. Click on this button and attach your photo by selecting it. I usually place my photos on the desktop so they are easy to find. You may send any size photo to Kabubble and we will re-size it if necessary to fit our pages.

  Why are you using Google Maps?    
Kids - and Grandparents - get a kick out of seeing the maps using the Satellite or Hybrid views. Adults also enjoy this different way of seeing the location for an outing.
  What does it mean to give a rating to an Outing or a Product or Service of a "9" or a "6"?    
  Here's the breakdown of the Kabubble Rating System in words:

      10-9: Super (Spectacular)
        9-8: Excellent (Cool!)
        8-7: Very Good
        7-6: Good
        6-5: Average
        5-4: Below Average
        4-3: Problems
        3-2: Big Problems
        2-1: Don't visit; Don't buy
  I notice that your Ratings are always whole numbers, like a "9" or "7". Shouldn't you end up with an average like "7.6"?     
  You are correct, but for the time being, we are averaging towards the nearest whole number. If we get a average in the middle like a "7.5", we go to the upside and give an "8" to that activity.
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