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  Malia As Pirate
  Malia & Remy & Halloween Bags
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  Francie and Doll
  3 Field boys do the cowboy thing
  Coby in Big Hat
  Ella Brandt Plays Dress Up

  Angel O'Leary


  Miriam With Her Doll 

  Twins Luke & Claire step out...
  Owen as Mickey
  Julianna Melanie Ledesam recovering from lunch
  Annika's First Halloween
  Sam goes "KISS" for Halloween
  R & M ready to step out on Halloween
  Ella in her beret.
  Holden gives Sawyer a little "Tough Love"!
  Kalar Artists
  Larry's Three
  Follett's swimming

  Ella, age 2 1/2, and her loved to tatters blanket made by her "Grandy".

  Claire Follett - Age 9

  Chad Olson Pointing

  Marcia and Paul's Grandchildren:
Whit, Maggie, Alexandra, Henry, Charlie and Reed.


  Z.B, 4th grade, shown proudly holding  his model of the Carmel Mission

Ginny's grandsons - Jack, Charlie and Sam


  William and Amy O'Connell - November, 2005

  Susan, 8 years old - December, 2005
For Thanksgiving Susan wrote the following:

"I am thankful for food that we have, and the house that is before us. I am thankful for my family and electricity. I am happy that the Lord has created nature or else there would be no place to play. I am happy for relatives and for friends and for schools that we can learn in. I am also thankful for things like paper, and crayons, my dogs and things that are modern creations like the computer, radio, and washing machines."


A past winter trip to the Empire Mine in Grass Valley with Sam, Abe and Clara, grandchildren of the Finsthwaits.


   Suzy & Ry Smith with grandkids Malia & Remy Smith.
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