"Blueberry Girl"  

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This summer, my granddaughter took her first job, picking blueberry's to earn a trip to Washington. She loved the first few days and then it got to be work. I wrote here this poem, perhaps others may have observed the same experience.




(on her 13th birthday)

The "blueberry" is a wondrous fruit

So tasty and unreal !

Itís great on top of ice cream

And underneath my cereal

Itís purple colors smoothie drinks

And makes a great blueberry pie

I even add them to my pancakes

Oh for blueberries, I would die

But my love for this purple berry

Has now begun to pale

As I share with you my story

Oh my, what a gruesome tale

This summer needing my own money

I read this compelling ad

"Come pick some berries with us all"

"Our cash will make you glad"!

And to "sweeten up this offer"

My lovely Mom and Dad

Said "weíll match whatever that you can make"

Like wow! my bank account weíll pad

And so now, every morning

I arise at early light

And off then to the berry fields

To make lots of "moola"!!..right?

Now the first weeks were delicious

Iíd pick a dozen, two or three

And to make sure the quality was good

Iíd consume some just for me

The days were cool delicious

Oh what fun this was for me

Making all this money

And eating berries there for free

But as the days grew longer

And hot weather did appear

What once I thought I looked like

Has now become a "purple smear"!

Good grief , Iím sweating like a hog

My skin is also purple ..see!

My hair is not the color

As, to you, it seems to be!

These days are getting longer

And while the bank account does grow

Iím busted, tired and filthy

As I work up and down each row

Will this stupid bush before me

Stop growing berries please!

Iíve picked you over, 7 times

And you still grow more with ease

I couldnít eat a berry inside your breakfast cakes

A piece of berry pie, now provokes a stomach ache

And berries in my ice cream? Iíd prefer to use for bait

Iíd rather eat a gooey duck than a berry on my plate

But summerís coming to and end

And it may be the end of me!

I never thought that "back to school"

Was a time Iíd want to see

But I wanted you to know

That this experience was good

That what it takes to make some money

Is now better understood

Iím saving for a bigger goal

A trip to Washington

I know now, first you have to sweat

In order to have fun.

But should I come to visit

Please make sure I never see

A blueberry on my plate

Cause that fruit is not for me.

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