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For my sister's birthday. I got her a large blue dyed frog from Australia. It had been gutted and tanned in blue so the hide was beautiful. Instead of a stomch, there qwas thi large pouch..the rest looking like a real frog..that it was at one time.





In the land of Aborigines, many continents away

The swamps include the crocodile and the food on which they prey

And thousands of the Blue Swamp Frogs-like you are holding now

Were for the snakes and crocodiles… the most delicious chow!

Many years ago, Australian farmers sent up a call for arms

Thinking that the blue swamp frog could help around the farm

For bugs and creepy crawly things has overtaken them

And maybe a few bull frogs could help these pests to thin

But nature played a dirty trick, for while the frogs just loved those flies

The blue swamp frogs did over eat and well, ……just multiplied!

By the thousands they took over, every barnyard, farm and host

And soon the farmers had no choice, but to slay them by the gross

But what to do with rotting frogs, the stench filled all outside

"Let’s start by gutting all their parts and tan their little hides"

"Oh great"! said all the populace and then "what are we to do,

With a leather frog and great big hole where once his gut did grew"?

Someone said, "it’s perfect!... for things you all must own

It’s just the perfect size to hold -your personal Cell Phone"

And another added proudly, "Yes and with a cavity this big

You can carry all your popcorn to the next movie show or gig"

Someone then suggested, "Who needs a purse or such"

Why it ties around your waist and carries very much"!

Another chided that it usefulness, was much beyond a hope

"For while you are in the shower, it can hold your bathroom soap

Then someone said "Delightful!! How could an overnight go wrong

It’s big enough to hold pajamas, brush and comb and mini thong"

So here you are dear one, ..another perfect accessory

Just hang it around your neck and many uses you will see

But be careful when you handle and DON"T blow into it’s gut

Cause this has a tendency to wake the bull frog up

Because what is most unusual about the nature of this species

Is that when you blow into it’s belly….. it gets PREGNANT, very easy!

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