"Lucky Ducks"  

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Sandy recently wrote this delightful poem for one of his grandkids when they used the expression "Lucky Ducks" in one of their emails.




Just how did the "The Lucky Duck" come to be?

How could it be, a feathered bird, that waddles in the muck

Could ever earn the moniker of "so you’re the lucky duck"?

Why not pick a llama, or a tortoise or a hare?

So one could easily remark, "see that lucky llama over there"

Well, listen close dear friend as I share the real story

Of how this waddling bird went from near death to quoted glory

You see, GOD had no intention when he created animals around

To create any sort of animal that uttered forth an ugly sound

Even lions with their jungle roars were pleasing to HIS ears,

And HE loved the sound of birds who sang, whenever they were near

But I assure you GOD was startled and taken quite aback

When first HE heard a duck with that irritating quack!

So, when GOD first spoke to Noah about the building of an ark

He said "take not those ugly ducklings and we’ll leave here after dark"

At so it was, when flooded waters did rise to cleanse the earth

The ark, did float away in spite of size and bloated girth

And left behind, two ugly ducks, ill favored by HIS grace

Looked around to see the land disappear into the space

Quacking very loud they proclaimed "injustice to the birds"

But there was not a living soul to hear their quacking little words

You see, GOD had thought the duck was just another "bird-in-hand"

And since they couldn’t fly so well, should just waddle on the land

HE had no idea after watching such ungainly stride

That a duck could even FLOAT when high waters came with tide

And so, while ark and laden passengers began to float for 40 days

Our two, still noisy, friends just paddled along the way

And when a dove bought back a twig according to the lore

Just guess who was a waiting as Noah opened up the door?

Taken back and shaken for he would have thought the earth was bare

He saw two floating, paddling ducks quacking over there

On seeing this he shouted, "From death, the two of you are plucked

From now on and forever you shall be known as Lucky Ducks!"

So now, dear friend you know the truth, cast aside by GOD’S own wrath

Two birds were left behind because they were believed to walk on paths

They found that they could float and a good life they never lacked

Except that still the world must listen to that loud and awful quack!

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