"The Walls of Perkins Hall"  

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I wrote this one  "The Walls of Perkins Hall" to my grandaughter, Amy, who  was entering her freshman year of college. If you can imagine living with a roommate after all the years of having your on room and space, you can imagine the difficulties and yet,..in the end..they became the best of friends.





What if the walls of Perkins Hall

Could talk of what they hear

And could record the conversations

Of what happens every year

Would the conversations be alike

The words and verbs of talk

Even though some years have passed

For those, who down these halls have walked

Let’s listen to the walls once more

As they have recorded ‘oer the years

What the ladies who have lived there

Have said of other "dears"

"She stole my soap", and "used my towel"

"And trashes everything she owns"

"And borrowed my brassiere"! ,

"Although she called it "just a loan"

"She’s barely in by curfew"

"And hogs the telephone all night"

"She even snores within her bed"

"And loves to pick a fight"

"Gobs of gook, adorn her face"

"You can see the grease upon the sheets

"And on the door and window too"

"This is a nightly, full repeat"

"I think she reads my letters"

"And talks endlessly of boys"

" And says the same old thing each time"

"That really….. me annoys"

"I didn’t choose her as a room-mate"

"They picked for me, a brat"

"But looking at it all in all"

"She’s not so bad, as that"

"I’ve grown to like my room-mate"

"We are a lot alike in ways"

"She is weird, but really funny"

"And picks up most my day"

"I like her ‘cause she keeps her word"

"And helps me get through school"

"I think my grades are better"

"Cause my room-mate sets the rules"

Whoever thought in Perkins Hall

Two people not alike

Would really get along so well,

Though first, we seemed to fight.

Oh, if the walls of Perkins Hall

Could talk of all those years

Would these have been the comments

That filled each students ears?

I think the answer here is YES!

For living with each other

Is not the same as living home

With parents, sister, brother

And years from now, when others come

And live among these walls

They’ll come to find that others

Have endured their time at Perkins Hall

So get along and have a year

Of fun and love and rest

And please watch over our dear, Amy

Cause, she does deserve the best.

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