"Sandy, Lori & Bow"  

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When I was visiting family in VT, I took my young niece to the "Teddy Bear Factory" in Middlebury and bought her a bear. She named it "Sandy" and wrote me a nice note about her two other bears on her bed, Lauri and Bow"
I wrote this poem for her.





The Story of the Three Bears; "Sandy, Lori & Bow"

They sit by the side of Kim Kayhartís warm bed

All snug as a rug, this you know

But the storyís not told of these three little bears

Called Sandy, Lori and "Bow"


There was one winters eve, when the snow fell about

That these three adventuresome bears

Open the window and threw out the sash

For they wanted to travel out there


On the roof they did venture, down a drainpipe they slid

And fell on the frost just below,

They could see not a thing, as they sputtered and spit

A bit much for "Sandy", "Lori" and "Bow"


They saw in the distance a light all aglow

And they tumbled and stumbled, some how

Only to open the door and to find for themselves

They were stuck in a barn full of cows


The wind it did whistled through the cracks in the barn

The cows offered no shelter in here

They huddled together and began to cry to themselves

This adventureís no fun, they all feared


How stupid we are, when we were perfectly warm

And were all loved near Kimís little bed

But because we needed to try something new

We are stuck in this cold barn, instead



The temperature dropped, it was 20 below

Frost developed on their eyes and their ears

Their noses were cold, each little paw was all wet

Even winter had frozen their tears


Then a light from afar, it looked like a star

Came ever so close and so near

And there was an angel, with gossamer wings

Oh!, there never was a sight oh so dear


"Fear not" said the angel, "I have been sent unto you"

For GOD has heard of your prayer

For while small children thank him each night before bed

He hears even the prayer of his bears


Now it seems you have gotten yourselves in quite a jam

For something like this could be doom

Why donít you hop right on up, on my gossamer wings

And lets fly back to your favorite room.


And they returned their home and to Kimís little bed

Where they had always been found, as before

And resolved to themselves, no more travels for them

They could not wish for anything more


And that why today, all the "Teddy Bears" stay

In the rooms and the beds, cause they know

Of the adventures and trials of the three little bears

Called , "Sandy, Lori and Bow"


And when you look from your room and see all the stars

Give thanks to the angels above

For they hear of your prayers and take them to GOD

And he answers them because of his love

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