Partner's Program      

         Partner's Program  

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PARTNER CONTROL - Partner describes each Kid-Focused Kabubble Activity as it changes. The text and timing are under our partner's control.

Example: "What Birth Names have been the most popular over the last 50 years? Was yours the most popular when you were born?" Click for answer. 

RANDOM SELECTION - A list of all Kabubble activities is maintained on the Kabubble site. They are accessed at random providing a new Kid-focused Art Project, Craft and Game every time this page is accessed. Click for example. (current sample list is short so some pages may be selected twice in a row; Reload page for quick review)

FIXED TEXT OR IMAGE LINK - Partner need only place text or an image on their site once - Kabubble coordinates the results. We also configure the links to provide seasonal activities. Here are several examples:

   TEXT"Click-in every week for new fun activities to do with your kids and grandkids"


* Kabubble can also provide individualized images with our Partner's logo's.

Contact Us for more information on our Partner's Program.



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