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  DESCRIPTION     How about something simple like a milkshake and a hamburger  
  LOCATIONS     566 Emerson Street and Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA  
  DETAILS     If you have young children, you've doubtlessly endured countless hours of begging and pleading for Happy Meals replete with inexpensive plastic toys designed to promote would-be cinematic blockbusters. Despair no more. The Peninsula Creamery Fountain & Grill serves food that's sure to please young and old alike, cooked fresh on the premises using the finest ingredients. Hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches - talk about truly having it your way. And you can always top off a meal with one of their legendary milkshakes, pies and other sumptuous desserts. Who needs a plastic "Mr. Fantastic" toy anyway?

* Courtesy of Palo Alto Online
  MAP     Click for map - downtown Palo Alto location  
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  MY RATING (1-10)     9                                                                           Rating Formula   
  NAME     Jesse Flanz  
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