Van Gogh Puzzle   48 piece puzzle with time keeping.   10    
  Valentine Puzzle   Hearts and more hearts   8  
  Sudoku   Number placing game.   7  
  Easter Word Scramble   Find Easter words in 368 scrambled letters.   8  
  The Flash Mind Reader   Amazing psychic mind reading.   8  
  Hangman   Guess the word before the man is hung.   7  
  Boggler   Find the words in a matrix.   7  
  Twist   Rearrange letters to make as many words as you can in 2 min.   9  
  Google Earth   See the world in dramatic detail. Sign up is free.   9  
  State Flags Challenge   See how many State Flags you can recognize - not easy!   7  
  Checkers   Play checkers against Fenyang - the monkey!   7  
  Set   Find sets of cards that match by shape or color.   8  
  (French) Tic-Tac-Toe   See if you are as good at this classic game in French   6  
  Bubblewrap Pop   Click on bubble wrap, hear the POP and race the clock - addictive   7  
  Rush Hour   Exit your car from the traffic jam-select from 10 levels of difficulty   8  
  Concentration   Match 18 hidden images - compete against the clock   7  
  Balloon Pop   Find the letters that make up words   8  
  Paint the Fire Dog   Fred the fire dog needs to be painted   9  
  Shooting Hoops   3 balls and 1 moving hoop make for a challenge   8  
  Anagram   7 letters to work with - make a word that ranks highest   8  
  Knock Knock Jokes   145 variations of Knock Knock - Who's there?   6  
  U.S. President's Challenge   Guess the hidden President's name   8  
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